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Charitable Tech Revamp for Only £30!

Give your old unwanted computer to charity securely.

Offer Highlights

  • Secure data wipe
  • Fresh, free OS installation
  • Facilitated charity donation
Service Breakdown

  1. Drop off your old, unwanted computer.
  2. We'll securely erase all data, ensuring privacy.
  3. Free Linux OS installation to revitalise the computer.
  4. Upon readiness, either collect the computer for donation to a charity of your choice or let us deliver it to our featured charity - Cornwall Air Ambulance.

One off fee of £30 converts your old computer into a valuable resource for charity that may help someone else.


In case the computer is beyond repair, we'll inform you promptly for further instructions. We can either attempt to fix it for you at our standard rates or you can pick it up. Alternatively we can dispose of it safely for you for £30.

Your goodwill, our technical expertise, together making a difference.

Contact Us below via email/phone/whatsapp/Facebook to arrange your computer to be dropped off.

Send us a message

Drop us a message to see if we can help you and we'll get back to you ASAP.

NOTE: By Submitting you confirm that you are happy to consent to data collection.

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