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Welcome to Andy Computers, home of your friendly local IT guy, Andy. With a passion for technology that spans over four decades, I've dedicated my life to mastering the digital world, starting from the days of programming on my ZX Spectrum while my peers were engrossed in games.

Over the years, I've honed my skills in building, programming, and installing computers, as well as crafting websites. In 2015, I made the beautiful town of Lostwithiel my home and now I want to commit to serving the local community with their computer needs.

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Our Services Include

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Your Friendly Computer Expert

Need help with your computer? I'm here to help! Whether you're using a Windows PC, a Mac, or even Linux, I've got you covered.

  • Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly: Regular check-ups and tune-ups to help your computer run at its best.
  • Protect Your Digital Life: I'll make sure your computer is safe from viruses and other threats.
  • Fix Those Pesky Problems: Got a computer issue or trouble with your Wi-Fi? I can sort it out!
  • Get Your Gadgets Working: Need help setting up your printer or smartphone? I'm happy to lend a hand.
I'm committed to providing friendly, reliable service right here in our community. I'll make sure your technology works for you, not against you!


Tech Advice You Can Trust

We provide personalized consultation to ensure you make wise technology decisions.

Thinking about getting a new computer or upgrading your old one? I can help you make the right choice!

Let's talk about what you need and find the perfect fit for your budget and how you use your computer.

I'll guide you through the tech jargon, help you pick out the right features, and recommend reliable brands so you can get the most out of your new device. It's like having your own personal tech advisor right in the neighborhood!


Breathe New Life into Your Old Computer

We rejuvenate old computers by upgrading crucial components to enhance performance and extend lifespan.

Our services include Memory (RAM) upgrades for better multitasking, SSD and NVMe drive installations for faster data access, and Graphics Card upgrades for improved visual performance.

Let us help optimize your computer to meet modern demands without breaking the bank. Your satisfaction is our priority as we transform your system with precision and care.

Laptop Loans

Laptop Loans

Need a Laptop Without the High Cost of Ownership?

Rent a laptop for just £5 per week, with no long-term commitment. Whether it's for work, study, or personal use, our service offers you the flexibility and convenience you need.

Rent a laptop equipped with Windows 11, versatile USB/HDMI ports, fast SSD, 8GB RAM, and the freedom to install your software, all while ensuring your data's safety and privacy with thorough sanitization after each use.

Find out more here.


Small Business Starter Pack

We offer a suite of web services designed to establish and enhance your online presence.

Our services include reliable web hosting and domain registration, providing a solid foundation for your website.

We also offer search engine optimization to improve your site's visibility and increase traffic.

Additionally, we assist with Google Business Listing, ensuring your business information is accurately represented and easily accessible to potential customers online.

Find out more here.


Revitalise Old Computers

Don't let an outdated Windows version hold you back. Experience a new lease of life for your computer with our Linux upgrade service.

Bring your old computer to our workshop, and we'll install a Linux version of your choice.

While we work on your computer, feel free to borrow one of our complimentary laptops.

Once everything is set, you can pick up your revamped computer.

Find out more here.


Donate to Charity

Donate your idle / unused computer to a noble cause . We ensure to securely erase all data and rejuvenate the machine to its optimum functionality.

Choose a charity of your liking for the computer to be donated to, or let us forward it to Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Your old hardware could be a treasure for others, aiding in education, job training, or emergency services. Join us in making a difference, turning unused tech into opportunities and hope for those in need.

Find out more here.

Windows10 Upgrade

Upgrade to Windows 11

Numerous computers currently fall short of Microsoft's stringent system prerequisites for Windows 11.

This situation poses a significant challenge as we approach October 2025, the deadline after which Microsoft will cease support for Windows 10. From this point forward, these systems will no longer benefit from critical updates and security patches, potentially leaving a vast number of users exposed to vulnerabilities.

At Andy Computers, we find this scenario unacceptable. We're committed to ensuring your digital security and continuity. That's why we offer specialized services to seamlessly upgrade almost any Windows 10 computer to Windows 11, even those that don't officially meet Microsoft's stated requirements. Trust us to keep your system up-to-date and secure.

Find out more here.


Cheap Refurbished Computers to Buy

Occasionally, we have a number of high-quality refurbished computers available, offering exceptional value.

In fact, I personally vouch for their performance, using one myself.

Tailor your purchase with our upgrade options to enhance storage and speed, with highlighted recommendations for the best value. While you're welcome to source your own peripherals like Keyboard/Mouse and Monitor, we're here to provide them if needed.

Find out more here.

Transparent & Fair Pricing

At Andy Computers, we prioritize clarity in our pricing. To ensure you receive the best assistance:

Initial Contact
Reach out to us through Email, Phone, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. This helps us recommend the most suitable solution, be it a home visit, phone support, or bringing your computer to our workshop (see our free replacement laptop service below).

Call-out Fee
Our call-out fee is £0 if you live in Lostwithiel, £60 if outside of that. The £60 will cover an hour of dedicated service. If we can't resolve the issue within this time, we'll provide a detailed quote for any additional work.

Hourly Rate
Our standard rate is £60 per hour but we offer various discounts (see below).

Locals in Lostwithiel enjoy a 25% labour discount.
Valued Repeat Customers benefit from an additional 10% labour discount.

Please note: Discounts apply to labor only. Any parts required will be charged at cost, and we'll always seek your approval beforehand. Discounts also do not apply to any fixed fee promotion, as they are already heavily discounted.

Payment Methods
For your ease, we accept cash, credit cards, online banking, and PayPal.

Workshop Advantage
Consider bringing your computer to our workshop. Here, you'll be charged solely for the work done, not for idle times like updates, installations, or virus checks.

Replacement Laptop Service
If you need to leave your computer with us but still need acces to a computer, you can use our totally free service where we give you one of our laptops to use. You can have this laptop for a long as your computer is in our workshop. The laptops are wiped before and after each customer's use.

Customer Testimonals

Here are some of the reviews and comments from our customers on Google and Facebook.

superb friendly and prompt service. I had a blue screen with laptop unable to do anything. Andy sorted it brilliantly couldn't be more pleased. Price was very reasonable for the job . So if you have a problem Andy is the man to contact.

Rapid first class service at a reasonable price. Solved all the problems and sourced the right equipment for the job. Definitely will do businesses again when the need arises.

Great service, really explained everything in a way I could understand it! Upgraded my son's computer for gaming. Very reasonably priced and I will definitely be using again!!

Highly recommended. Andy has saved me a small fortune, and helped the planet from unnecessary landfill. Thank you for upgrading my 'puter!

Amazing, super fast, customer service, so helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much.

Excellent service, friendly, approachable and very helpful. Would definitely use again

Andy set up our new computer for us, could not fault service or price. would recommend and will be using him in future

So glad to have discovered Andy Computers. He has saved our sanity! Old worn out computer now upgraded by a wonderful replacement at a sensible cost, and all our files transferred over safely. The new machine performs at lightning speed, so is saving us lots of time and stress! Andy was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful, and everything was completed in a matter of a few days; would highly recommend him.

Used Andy for a RAM upgrade to my laptop. Fantastic communication and prices. Would recommend to others and wouldn't hesitate to use again.

Getting in touch with Andy Computers was straightforward via the website, then with an email response, and then via WhatsApp for the quickest communication. A security compromised (scammed and hacked) computer was restored to full working state in just over an hour. Leaving a very relieved, very happy customer.

Excellent service, clear and concise pricing. Explained everything in detail to me and upgraded my computer.

Andy has been so helpful - I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone with a computer issue. He explains things really clearly, tells you what the options are and fixes the problem - and his rates are very reasonable. No more panic when computer says No - I’ll just go straight to Andy!

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